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Report a Drug House Hotline: 780-830-5889

The Grande Prairie RCMP is committed to the safety of our community; that includes investigating suspected drug activity. You can help by providing as many details as possible about this suspected activity in your neighbourhood. Your cooperation is very important, however, do not take unnecessary risks or action on your own. Any information provided will be kept in strict confidence and does not constitute an official complaint.

Address of the Suspected Drug House

Do you know the names of the occupants of the suspected drug house?
Are there any children in the residences?
Have steps been taken by the occupants to reinforce the house (bars on windows, video surveillance, etc):
Do you know if people residing or attending this address have weapons?
Do you know what types of drugs are being sold or used?
Have you witnessed drug transactions at or near the residence?
Do you know if the suspected drug house is a rental property