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Enter only 1 lot location per inquiry request.

Each land/lot location requires a separate inquiry request submission and payment of the $100 (plus GST) fee.

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Fill in as many land identifiers as possible to expedite your request. Incomplete addressing results in unnecessary delays in processing your request. At least two land identifiers are required in the sections below. The Roll Number OR LINC Number may be obtained from the County public web map.

Section 1: Land Identification

You must supply the complete Site Address OR Legal Land Description OR Plan Block and Lot Number:

Section 2: Land Identifiers from the County Public Web Map

Please use the link below if you require assistance finding your land's LINC or Roll Number:

County of Grande Prairie ( Public Web Map

Click on your parcel to pop-up information about it.

The info pop-up may have multiple pages: Cycle through the pages of the information land popup until you find the Roll Number OR LINC Number and fill either in below.

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