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Request to Access Information - General 

You can make a formal FOIP request for general information from the County of Grande Prairie by completing the form below and paying an initial $25 application fee. For more information about applicable fees set by the Province of Alberta to complete FOIP requests and for fee payment options, please refer to the Frequently Asked Questions Page.

If you are not able to complete this request online, you can download, print and submit the FOIP request form by mail or in person and deliver with fee payment to the County of Grande Prairie. See our Frequently Asked Questions Page for details on these options.


If you are requesting someone else's information or property information on their behalf, please complete a third party authorization letter with the owner.

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By entering your first and last name in the signature box, you declare that all of the information given above is true to the best of your knowledge and belief.

Protection of Privacy - Personal information is collected in accordance with Section 33(c) of the Alberta Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (the FOIP Act) and will be protected under Part 2 of that Act. It will be used for the purposes of administering the program or service for which the information is collected. Should you require further information about collection, use and disclosure of personal information, please contact the FOIP Coordinator at or call 780-532-9722.