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To: The County of Grande Prairie No. 1 (the “County”)  

In return for the sum of $1.00 and/or such other good and valuable consideration such as access to copies of certain images depicting me, which the Organization acknowledges as received, the Organization agrees as follows: 

  1. The Organization gives the County, and its assignees (collectively, "County") permission to use, modify, publish, distribute, license and sell, in whole or in part, the picture, photograph, image, portrait and three-dimensional likeness of the Organization’s members or participants (collectively, "Image")  in any and all media, including the Internet and any digital media, and for any use whatsoever, including art, stock, advertising, websites, trade, and promotion. The Organization agrees that the rights granted herein are worldwide and perpetual. 
  2. The Organization hereby warrants and represents that it has received the permission to use, modify, publish, distribute, license, and sell, in whole or in part, the picture, photograph, image, portrait, and three-dimensional likeness of all participants and members of the Organization.  
  3. The Organization agrees that all digital images, scans, negatives, and prints are the sole property of the County and that all copyright in the Image is and will be owned by the County. Any rights which cannot be assigned, including any moral rights, are irrevocably waived. 
  4. The Organization will not authorize anyone else to use any scan, print, negative, or digital copy of any Image. The Organization further agrees that the County may disclose a copy of this Agreement if requested to distributors of Images as proof of consent. 
  5. The Organization agrees that no advertisement, publication, product or other material need be submitted to the Organization for any approval. The Organization agrees that any Image may be combined with other images, text and/or graphics, cropped, altered, modified, or distorted. 
  6. The Organization releases, discharges, indemnifies, and saves harmless the County from any liability arising out of or in connection with the use of any Image, including any and all claims for defamation, and any invasion of privacy or publicity. The maximum liability of the County shall in any case be limited to $100.00 in Canadian currency. 
  7. This Agreement is governed by and shall be interpreted under the laws of Alberta and the courts of Alberta shall have exclusive jurisdiction concerning any dispute. Any provision found to not be enforceable shall be severed and the balance of this Agreement shall remain in effect. This Agreement shall inure to the benefit of the licensees, assignees, heirs and executors of the County. This is the entire agreement related to the subject matter hereof and the Organization relies on no other representation in executing this document.