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Senior Citizens or Special Needs Individual Agreement for Snowplowing Services



The County of Grande Prairie No. 1, of 10001 - 84th Avenue, Clairmont, in the Province of Alberta (herein after called "The County")




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In the Province of Alberta, (herein after called the "Owner" or the "Lessee")

WHEREAS the Owner is the owner, purchaser or lessee of property within the County of Grande Prairie No. 1, and

WHEREAS the Owner/Lessee desires the County to snowplow his/her driveway when such driveway becomes impassable or hazardous due to snow conditions.

NOW THEREFORE the County and the Owner/Lessee, for the consideration hereinafter mentioned, agree as follows:

  1. The County agrees to snowplow the private driveway of the Owner/Lessee when so requested by the same by the method hereinafter provided; however, it shall be discretion of the County or its employees and only after the public roads and highways have been cleared of snow to the satisfaction of the County. "Private Driveways" in this section shall mean the driveway to the residence only.
  2. The Applicant represents that he is the Owner/Lessee of the said land agrees to indemnify and save harmless the County in respect of any claims of demands which may at any time hereafter be brought against the County or any employee of the County performing the said work by any person, firm or corporation by reason of the performance of the said work.
  3. The Owner/Lessee shall not assign or transfer his interest under this Agreement without first obtaining the written consent of the County.
  4. The County or its employees shall have the right to refuse to snowplow any private driveway that in the operator's opinion shall be hazardous or difficult to snowplow.
  5. The Owner/Lessee hereby covenants and agrees that any damage to the Owner's/Lessee's property resulting from snowplowing operations shall be at the Owner's/Lessee's sole risk.
  6. Please confirm by October 1st of each year that you still require the snowplow service. You may do this by calling the Public Works Department at 780-532-7393.

Clearing County roadways are the priority for snow removal. Once County Roadways are cleared, driveways participating in this program will be cleared if there is no additional snowfall. County equipment does not clear driveways by request.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, this Agreement has been dully executed by the parties herein.